Mixed Migration—hebdo

MMh is a weekly compilation of news items and research reports concerning international migration—curated, summarized, and sent to your inbox every Monday, and accessible right here whenever you want.

Why MMh?

I believe that far too much of our public discussion on migration and migration policy is informed by passion, rather than by fact. MMh is my contribution to reversing the slide: a straightforward read on ongoing developments in global migration, accessible and neutrally voiced, that captures both daily news and in-depth reports and makes them readily accessible.

Who MMh?

My name is Joel Hernàndez; I am a policy analyst (I suppose) and frontline responder (somewhat) who likes to geek out on reading about migration and migration policy (in case you couldn’t tell by now). I grew up in France and moved to the United States at age 11 before coming back to Europe about half a decade ago to work in Greece. Now I’ve been adrift between the U.S. and Spain for the last couple of years. My mother tongue is Catalan. By every measure, my life is the product of migration policies that properly served their subjects—allowing my family and I to pursue opportunity and happiness across borders. By every measure, my lived experience of global migration is an insanely privileged one.

nice to meet you

To get better migration policy, we need healthier migration politics. To get healthier politics of any kind, we need to agree on what it is we’re talking about. That’s what this newsletter is about—dispassionate, news-driven updates on global migration dynamics. I have opinions about anything I write about in here, but I do my best to keep them out of MMh and pass the facts on straight.

How MMh?

Multiple times per week, I run a Google News search using key search terms (e.g., refugee, asylum, migrant, title 42, etc…), select relevant stories, and curate them into each week’s issue. I also include stories that I catch off of my Twitter feed.

If you would like to suggest news sources or journalists I should be following, or refer specific articles my way, please feel free to leave a comment or to reach out on Twitter.

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